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Bespoke Mother's Day Gifts from KatyB Jewellery

Our blog today comes from a local exhibitor KatyB Jewellery. Perfect for Mother’s Day – and you can also catch her at our show in September!

I'm Katy and I created KatyB Jewellery in 2014. After completely my Chartered Accountancy training I soon found myself with so much extra time on my hands! Jewellery is something I have always had a love for so I thought why not bring out my own range.

I started with the glass dome jewellery and have quickly branched into new styles to add to the collection. I started with small markets around Southland and Central Otago and then started my website in 2015. We continue to do various fetes and markets around Southland and Central Otago and also stock a range of jewellery in some retail shops.

Whether it’s for a first time mum with a new baby, a Grandmother with several grandchildren or any scenario in between, I have the perfect gift for them!

My range is extensive but here are a few examples of some items I handcraft:

  • Handstamped keyrings and necklaces customisable to add your ones names, initials and special dates.

  • Tassel earrings, dainty metal earrings and necklaces and bamboo wooden necklaces

Orders will be closing at the end of the month to arrive in time for mothers day (unless sold out prior).

All items are stainless steel so very durable - the perfect keepsake!


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