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7 Great Ideas for Outdoor Family Fun Time!

Our blog today comes from Krystal Pires of Pepi. Krystal is a busy mother of 4 beautiful girls who also runs Pepi. Pepi is all about quality clothing made from pure fibres such as linen and cotton. All of their outfits are handmade by Krystal.

There’s nothing quite like some outdoor family fun time to blow away the cobwebs and build positive relationships with your kids! There’s also no reason why you and your kids can’t participate in outdoor activities in all but the worst weather. As a Mum, I know how stir-crazy kids get when cooped up inside, plus how they crave being active all year round. That’s why I’m made a list of seven of our favourite outdoor family fun activities to share with you.

7 All Year Outdoor Family Fun Activities

It’s a well-known fact that kids learn through play. It’s how they develop their knowledge of how the world works, plus a great way of developing their social and physical skills. My kids love spending time with me playing during both our indoor and outdoor family fun activities. Here are seven of our all-time favourites:

  1. Puddle Stomping – this is something we love to do, and I guess you could say we got our inspiration from Peppa Pig. You don’t need to choose muddy puddles to have fun though! In winter, it’s easier to wrap up in coats and gumboots for some puddle splashing, but you can in summer too! Why not fill the paddling pool up and head in with your togs?

  2. Bike Riding – whether it’s around the garden through an obstacle course you created, or at the local park, bike riding is a firm favourite!

  3. Outdoor Board Games – grab yourself some spray paint and mark out your grass like a giant board game. For instance, mark out a giant Twister mat or hopscotch outside. You could even draw out a four square

  4. Get Gardening – as long as the weather is fine, planting and caring for a garden is always popular. You can vary the type of garden plants during the year. A butterfly garden would be great for when there’s plenty of monarch caterpillars and butterflies around. A vege garden can be cared for all year, with the harvesting and eating always a plus!

  5. Outdoor Inspired Art – how about collecting items from nature to make nature art with? Spread them out on the ground to create a picture. Or take paper outside and do some crayon leaf and bark rubbings instead.

  6. Picnic – a picnic is always great fun! In summer, set up in the shade of a tree and in winter, simply wait for a fine day. No matter what the weather, picnics are always loved by kids.

  7. Treasure or Scavenger Hunt – a quick search of Google and I found these fabulous ready to print treasure hunt ideas. Print a few out and then take the kids out into the garden or local park for an outdoor adventure.


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